Let's present our child to "be important" from early days

Caring Parents for lovingly fostering their children


By assessing infant's vital signs and sending momentary information to your mobile phone, it removes your worries and prevents traumatic events.

Respiratory Rate

No need to check, with Ninix, you will be aware of your baby's respiration rate at any moment.

Body Temperature

Observe your baby's body temperature and the chart of its momentary changes

Sleep Monitoring

If your baby turns as he is sleeping, Ninix will inform you in a flash.

Poopy Detection

In case of changing diapers, Ninix will prevent baby's bothering through sending alarm.

Less Worries , Better Sleep

Do you want to use Ninix?

Step by Step guide


Buy Ninix online in person


Download the application and install it.


Connect Ninix to your cellphone


Check your baby online


Access information without limitation

According to existing software infrastructure in Ninix, you can access to your baby's all information through all kinds of smart devices. Your smart phone connects to product through Ninix application (Android & IOS), then the data is loaded on server through cloud computing. This enables you to keep updated online through web portal and App

Ninix Features


Low power Bluetooth

In order to connect, Ninix uses Low power Bluetooth (BLE that has been introduced as a communication standard for health gadgets) that in addition to a health of the waves, it works 4 days with a single charge.


Application and cloud service

By supporting both Android and IOS Systems, Ninix will send all the received data from the gadget and saves them on cloud service and this enables you to access information not only on your smart phone, but also form every device.


In accordance with medical standards

Materials used in Ninix are according to the latest medical standards and are likely to completely eliminate any sensitivity.


Beautiful and eye-catching

Product appearance, small size and ergonomic design makes you enjoy the comfort and beauty Ninix When using.

Our Goals

Preventing infant mortality

Statistics shows that about half of all human deaths occur in the first 2 years. Thus, in the case of improving this situation, we can take an effective step in this direction and we can expect to see an improvement in mortality index.

One product for every infant

Due to the sensitivity of Neonatal period and Ninix's solution in this regard, using this product seems necessary for all infants. That's why we try our best to make this product available for all people.

Founding IPAD

With regard to the importance of the infants' health and existing many organs in this field, a voluntary forum for the coordination and leadership of this space is missing. Thus by inviting practitioners in the field Ninix is going to found such association.

Experience a unique peace of mind with NINIX


Diameter: 42.5 mm
Thickness: 15 mm


White grey

Stable power

4 days in working state
10 days in standby

Showing baby's status

Green for normal state
Red for danger state
Yellow for alarm state